LaTeX Template




The AMBP is an academic journal. There is no staff to help the authors to perform the final steps of the typsetting of their articles. Hence, authors are asked to respect carefully the following instructions:

  • concerning environments please use exclusively the ones provided by the file cedram-ambp.cls (see below) or those provided by standard LaTeX.
  • for cross-references please use the LaTeX commands \label, \ref, \eqref etc (no manual cross-referencing, please!).
  • the bibliography should be placed in a dedicated file (.bib extension) using the BibTeX format.
  • in the LaTeX file, (.tex extension) citations should use the \cite command.


LaTeX Composition


Three files constitute the latex template for Annales Mathématiques Blaise Pascal. These are :

To download the files in a gzipped.

Authors need to download these three files.

  • The sample.tex file (in which authors can input the body of their paper) contains a sample article demonstrating the various environments. These environments should not be changed by authors. There are comment lines included to explain the use of the various commands. Authors are required to use LaTeX capability to handle inner cross-references (commands such as \cite, \ref, etc).
  • The biblio.bib file (in which authors can place the bibliography for their paper) explains how to write a reference list to the "BibTeX" format.
  • The cedram-ambp.cls file should not be altered in any way. It should be placed as is in the same directory as the file containing the body of the article and the one containing the bibliography.


To obtain a file sample.dvi from the files sample.tex and biblio.bib, use successively the following four commands:

  1. latex sample.tex
  2. bibtex sample.aux, or simply bibtex sample
  3. latex sample.tex
  4. latex sample.tex

Then use whatever process you normally use to obtain a .ps file from the .dvi file, or to print it.


For any question or suggestion concerning the latex template of Annales Mathématiques Blaise Pascal, please send an e-mail to :